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Transformers Universe won't be RuneScape with robots


Jagex Chief Creative Officer Alex Horton recently spoke to PC Gamer about the transformation of Transformers Universe and how the "MOTA" title will differ from the MMORPG sandbox Jagex is most famous for.

"Whilst staying true to what Jagex is best at (pushing forward the free-to-play, browser-based gaming arena), we moved away from delivering 'RuneScape: The Cybertron Edition' and focused on upping the emphasis on action and the different skills of a collection of Transformers Warriors," he explained. "We've created a collaborative and competitive combat experience with deep MMO heritage. A game for today. The Transformers are the center of the game, rather than the original notion of building your own Transformers warrior that is your avatar."

He also addresses balancing the game to appeal to casuals, core gamers, and genre fans.

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