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Apple expands Tumblr ads to other sites, and other news for March 14, 2014

Apple has expanded its iPhone 5c ads first seen on Tumblr to other sites. The campaign is called "Every color has a story," and comprises five 15-second videos with color themes corresponding to the iPhone 5c and its colorful cases. The ads feature animated dots, which represent the dots of the iPhone 5c cases, moving to regional or period music.

Visitors to and The New York Times will see the ads. As MacRumors reports:

Apple has approximately 17 different animated iPhone 5c ads that are being displayed on the web, both on Yahoo's properties and on The New York Times site earlier this week.

According to a Times representative, Apple's grid-based ad was a customized format offering "a transparent overlay to depict a rich brand experience" that was indeed designed by the company though it featured a Sprint logo....

It appears that the campaign on the Times website may have ended, but it is likely that Apple will expand the animated advertisements to other websites as well in an effort to further market the iPhone 5c to a wide range of consumers.

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