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Esurance video appraisal lets a rep use your smartphone's camera to assess damage remotely

Zach Honig

This is one cool tool we hope to never use. Esurance's new video appraisal feature for the insurer's Android and iOS apps helps speed up the post-accident process significantly. Typically, you're required to get a vehicle inspection after an accident before the insurance company can send out an estimate for repairs. With the refreshed app, however, an appraiser can use your smartphone's camera to assess the damage while also communicating with customers and the repair shop. You'll still need to set up an appointment (through the Esurance app), but since the agent won't need to travel, you'll be on your way much more quickly. Video appraisal requires a smartphone running Android 4.0+ or iOS 7, a front and rear camera with autofocus and a WiFi or LTE connection. Tablet compatibility is in the works. It's available today in the latest version of the Esurance app.

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