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Pre-order Blackwell Epiphany for April 24, become a medium

Pre-orders are now available for Blackwell Epiphany, the finale of Wadjet Eye Games' adventure-driven Blackwell series due out on April 24. Aside from a DRM-free download of Blackwell Epiphany, pre-ordering will grant buyers a redeemable Steam key, access to exclusive videos featuring the game's voice actors and series creator Dave Gilbert, an invitation to a private livestreaming of Epiphany's launch party, and the game's soundtrack.

If you're a bit behind or haven't started the Blackwell series in the first place, the story follows Rosa Blackwell as she copes with the recent death of her aunt, which grants her an odd form of inheritance. After her aunt's death, a ghostly figure straight out of the '30s, Joey Mallone, appears to her and explains that he's been accompanying members of the Blackwell family for a few generations now. With the passing of Rosa's aunt, she's next in line to inherit a ghostly sidekick.

Naturally, the duo go on to solve mysteries together, using Rosa's abilities as a medium to communicate with the dead to piece together narratives. Their search for answers and efforts to help the deceased find peace have extended through four previous games, but Epiphany's press release teases that their work bears a "price," which Rosa and Joey will presumably discover in the finale.

Blackwell's preceding episodes can be bought from GOG's Blackwell Bundle for $14.99, or purchased directly from Wadjet Eye Games for $4.99-$9.99 apiece. The developer also plans to port the Blackwell series over to iOS, but the adventure has yet to appear on the App Store.
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"We help. It's what we do." For seven years, this has been Rosa Blackwell's refrain as she scours the New York City streets for lost souls in need of saving. Rosa and her spirit guide, Jazz-era ghost Joey Mallone, help the recently dead find peace and cross over -- but their work comes a price. And they're about to learn just how high that price is.

On Thursday, April 24, indie developer Wadjet Eye Games will release The Blackwell Epiphany, the fifth and final game in the long-running Blackwell adventure game series. Starting today, this final chapter can be preordered for $14.99 from At launch, the game will sell from the Wadjet Eye website, GOG, and Steam.

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Preorder Details
On April 24, preorder customers will get The Blackwell Epiphany as a DRM-free download, along with a slew of special bonuses:

-Exclusive video interviews with voice actors Abe Goldfarb (Joey) and Rebecca Whittaker (Rosa) discussing their work on the series
-Exclusive New York City video tour with series creator Dave Gilbert showing and talking about the real-world locations that inspired the Blackwell games
-Exclusive virtual invite to the Blackwell Epiphany launch party -- streamed live from Dave's apartment the evening of April 24! (Includes a hangout / Q&A session with members of the dev team)
-Blackwell Epiphany MP3 soundtrack
-Free Blackwell Epiphany Steam key that can be redeemed at launch

Emily Morganti
PR Consultant on behalf of Wadjet Eye Games

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