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    Weekend App: viaProtect will give you some strong hints about your iPhone's security status

    Mel Martin

    viaProtect is a free app that will take a look at where your iPhone data is going, and where it is coming from. The app also says it can point you to apps that tend to leak data or are otherwise insecure. The app will look at what is being encrypted from your device, and finally, it will provide a risk profile for your iPhone.

    You can register your device with viaForensics, the developer of the app, or use it without registration. If you register, you can have web access to some of your device statistics.

    The main screen of the app is called the dashboard. After a minute or so of analysis you'll get a risk score for your phone. I got a minimal at risk rating (thankfully) and I could see that my data was going to the continental U.S. The app also runs some background processes to give reports on SSL certificates, any processes that are running, a DNS resolver, and a report on network connections. The app uses GPS for some of its analysis, so it may impact battery life.

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    viaProtect won't solve your security problems, but it will certainly give you a heads up about what is going on with your iPhone and let you take steps to stop any potential security or privacy problems. The company behind the app, viaForensics has been providing mobile security apps and assessing risks for many large companies and providing best practices to keep company information secure.

    viaProtect is not a universal app. It's designed for the iPhone, although it will run on any iDevice that has iOS 6 or later. It is optimized for the iPhone 5.

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