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Ironclad Games' sinful MOBA, Sins of a Dark Age, now on Early Access

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Sins of a Dark Age, the upcoming MOBA from Sins of a Solar Empire developer Ironclad (who maybe want to get to a confessional or something, since they seem to like sins so much) is now available on Steam Early Access. Soada - as Ironclad refers to it in shorthand - will be free to play when it launches, but Early Access will cost you $4.99.

For that price, you'll gain entrance to the game, as well as a Welcome Chest containing one of three bundles. Each bundle contains a rare skin, an uncommon piece of Hero Gear, a rare skin recipe, and both common and uncommon quality materials for crafting. The game's final pricing structure isn't set in stone, but Ironclad states in its Early Access FAQ that the content of each Welcome Chest includes "far more" than $4.99 worth of content.

[Thanks, Tyler!]
[Image: Ironclad Games]

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