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Report: Play Wii Sports Club free for a limited time beginning March 21

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Nintendo will give all Wii U players a chance to play its Wii Sports Club series for free during a three day event beginning on March 21, according to IGN. The free-for-all event also features access to online multiplayer for each of its included games.

Wii Sports Club offers à la carte access to Wii sport games. Each sport is available as an individual purchase of $10, or as part of a "Wii Sports Club Day Pass" for $2, which gives players 24 hour access to available games. Currently the series features three events: golf, tennis and bowling. Additional sports will be made available in the future, Nintendo has noted. The company's Wii Sports series has previously featured baseball and boxing.

In an update set to release today, Wii Sports Club will now feature a nine-hole "Resort Course" golf course from 2009's Wii Sports Resort.

The free Wii Sports Club event will run until March 23.
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