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Rumor Roundup: No TV for you


Digitimes makes its "triumphant" return to the rumor scene this week and manages to make itself look even more ridiculous than usual. No, I didn't think that was possible either.

Digitimes likely way off the mark with sapphire production estimates (9to5 Mac)

What? Digitimes got something wrong? That's unpossible!

From the article: "Digitimes' analysis just doesn't hold up to scrutiny no matter what way you look at it."

I hope 9to5 Mac set up a macro shortcut to save themselves the effort of typing that every time anything from Digitimes is spewed forth onto the intertubes.

No such luck for BGR, who swallowed this clickbait hook, line, and sinker. As, of course, they are wont to do. Speaking of which...

Apple reportedly decides not to launch its 12.9-inch iPad Pro (BGR)

Digitimes is now backtracking on a plethora of earlier claims that an "iPad Pro" would debut this year, which means one of two things:

  • This product never existed in the first place
  • This product definitely will launch now in order to satisfy the "Digitimes is always wrong" rule

Either way it shakes out, some rumormonger ends up looking stupid, which is fine by me.

Steve Jobs Said that Apple Would Not Release a Television (MacRumors)

Has anyone seen or heard from Gene "Where's my Apple HDTV" Munster lately? I'm genuinely concerned for his wellbeing after this news.

Granted, Jobs was famous for saying he'd never do something, then turning around and doing that very thing. The iPhone itself is the most notorious example of this. Also, Jobs said no to the TV concept a year before he allegedly claimed he had "cracked" the concept of an Apple TV.

However, the reasons Jobs gave for not getting Apple into the TV business - "They don't turn over and the margins suck" - remain as true today as they were four years ago when he said this.

I don't see what Apple has to gain by selling $1000-plus televisions with razor-thin margins instead of continuing to sell inexpensive, margin-friendly miniature computers that can plug into any television. Apparently, at one point, Steve Jobs didn't see it either.

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