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The Verge reports possible release of Microsoft Office for iPad and other news from March 17, 2014


This one might be for the rumor mill, but considering OneNote for Mac was released today, The Verge is saying that Microsoft Office for iPad might be released later this month, after members of the media received an invitation to an event on March 27 in San Francisco. It just happens to coincide with a big-name Apple event taking place the same day...

Other news from Monday afternoon includes:

One interesting anecdote shared by Johnson was the time she put together an internal memo on how to sell the original iPhone for the AT&T sales team. "Steve asked to see that email, and he edited it so that they would position it correctly. He would dive in at a level of detail that most human beings would never consider. A CEO looking at a sales memo to an internal sales group at AT&T. He cared that much."

And kick back with these features:

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