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Barnes & Noble brings Nook Press self-publishing to parts of Europe


Does your agent constantly reject your manuscript about a teen wizard who falls in love with a vampire and has to fight for their life in a televised death zone? Barnes & Noble feels your pain, and is opening up the Nook Press self-publishing platform to parts of Europe to get your story told. From today, the web-based service launches in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium. But how much do you stand to make? If your title is priced between £1.50 (€2.50) and £7.99 (€9.49) you'll receive 65 percent of the fee, and if it's under £1.50 (€2.49), you'll get 40 percent land in your bank account. Just remember that Amazon is the only e-reader company that'll let you write your GI Joe opus.

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