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UK carrier Three scraps unlimited tethering for new customers

Sharif Sakr

With one hand, Three gave its subscribers a free upgrade to LTE. (Cheers, me-dears.) But with the other hand, it has apparently taken away one of the key benefits of its popular "One Plan" tariff: namely, unlimited tethering. According to Wired UK, new customers will only be able to choose from plans that offer a maximum of 2GB of tethered data -- something we're currently trying to confirm with Three's PR reps (not least because the company's site has suddenly gone down for "maintenance"). On the plus side, the network will reportedly still offer all-you-can-eat data for non-tethering purposes, if you can find a way to consume all of that allowance without the help of your laptop, and there are rumors it has also decided to make 0800 calls free from your mobile -- presumably in order to give news articles like this one a vaguely happy ending.

Update: It's confirmed. Three has updated its tariffs so that now, only its highest paying customers will get unlimited mobile data. However, tethering is being widened to cover more users, but with the downside that you're getting a smaller allowance as a consequence. For instance, users on the highest tier will only be able to use 2GB of personal hotspot data before being asked to buy additional 1GB units.

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