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2D Monster Hunter with extra dragons from Spry Fox


Everything in this game is dragons – the cows are dragons, the chickens are dragons, the bears are dragons, the wolves are dragons. You aren't a dragon, but in the earliest art, you do have a sweet red beard that trails into the distance, turning green at its tip.

It doesn't have a name yet, but Spry Fox is set on making a dragon-filled, monster-catcher game.

"You can sort of think of this as a 2D Monster Hunter," Chief Creative Officer Daniel Cook said. "You're riding these dragon creatures .... You can hunt them down. You have a home base and the animals will come and terrorize your farm and your home, and they'll steal stuff from you and you can steal it back, track them down and tame them. And then you turn them into mounts of your own."

The main attack in this dragon game is a lunge – movement is more akin to jumping monkeys than soaring, mythical beasts. You can hop quickly across rocks and glide in the air, positioning your mount for the best lunge.

The creatures will be procedurally generated, and they come from Glitch artist Brent Kobayashi, who's also doing the art for Spry Fox's Road Not Taken. That one is due out, tentatively, this summer for PS4, Vita and Steam.

This game isn't an MMO, but Spry Fox is working on a couple of those, Edery said, including one based on Steambirds, the studio's aerial combat game. The team has one engineer that keeps busy building these prototypes. Cook says they like things clean and simple, and a single engineer helps with that.

For every 10 mediocre games, there's one hit that keeps the studio running – see Triple Town – Cook said. "2D Monster Hunter" might just do that trick. See below for a larger first look at Spry Fox's dragon-catcher game.

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