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Angry Birds: Warcraft?


Tweeted from Dave Kosak, one of WoW's Game Designers, last night was an eye-raising possibility:

Now I have no idea if this is Dave just joking around our not -- he very well could be. But the idea of an Angry Birds WoW edition? Yes, please and thank you. I can only imagine how much fun it would be to shoot little birds at Thrall and knock him down a bit (literally).

Joke or no joke, the idea has a lot of merit and isn't far fetched, in my opinion. A few reasons why this would work:
  • WoW has a deep story that would make a large number of levels and interesting progression possible. You could start your birds out in Elwynn Forest and finish off the final level in Orgrimmar. Maybe stop and say hello to Deathwing along the way.
  • Both WoW and Angry Birds have a gigantic fan-base that tend to instantly buy anything with such names on it. This edition could make both companies a lot of money.
  • Rovio is clearly open to cross-overs. Just look at their Star Wars edition of Angry Birds. Furthermore, Rovio has proven they know how to work with multinational giants like Blizzard.
I really hope Dave is serious about this tweet. I admit I'll be a tad disappointed if he was just joking. But if he was -- maybe we can all encourage him to really pursue this.

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