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David Tennant is the 'voice of God' in Kinect Sports Rivals


Former Doctor Who star David Tennant is providing Kinect Sports Rivals with his hearty Scottish lilt - officially he's the game's narrator, but we prefer the actor's own description of the "voice of God." If you've only heard Tennant in his role as television's greatest time-traveler - sorry, Sam Beckett - then yes, that Scottish accent he put on in the episode with Queen Victoria is closer to the real thing.

Tennant says it's the first video game he's provided voice work for, and that's surprising given how the BBC likes to pump out Doctor Who games. Luckily for Tennant, by the time puzzle-platformer The Eternity Clock arrived in 2012 he'd jumped ship, leaving poor Matt Smith to fend for himself.

As for Kinect Sports Rivals, Rare's new collection of motion-controlled mini-games is coming to North America, Australia and New Zealand on April 8 and Europe on April 11. Sportsball fans can take on tennis, bowling, soccer, target shooting, climbing, and wave racing in the Xbox One game.
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