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Order of Magic releases on popular GameXP Connect F2P platform

Shawn Schuster

"Hardcore PvP gameplay and [a] Western-style fantasy setting are the basic values to define Russian online gamers' product preferences," says Nikita Online's Pavel Elchenko when referring to the company's latest MMO, Order of Magic.

The Russian publisher, along with indie developer RosIgra, has created the fantasy PvP MMO to center around seven battle arenas on three large islands for players to kick the snot out of each other. Order of Magic will release on the GameXP Connect platform which already boasts 11 million unique users. "It's vital for a PvP-centered title such as the Order of Magic that the game is played by as many users as possible," adds Maxim Shiyanov, CEO of RosIgra.

You can check out the game now over at its GameXP portal.

[Source: Nikita Online and RosIgra press release]

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