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Pier Solar HD, Proven Lands among 75 greenlit games for Steam


Valve accepted 75 more games for distribution on Steam after approval from its community on Steam Greenlight, among which is Pier Solar and the Great Architects HD, Watermelon's remake of the Megadrive RPG. Pier Solar HD, which earned over $230,000 on Kickstarter in December 2012, is joined by a recent crowdfund hopeful, sci-fi sandbox roguelike Proven Lands.

In fact, a number of this week's new Steam recruits were once success stories on Kickstarter. Dolphin exam cheating simulator Classroom Aquatic earned over $31,000 earlier this month, Trichotomy's Dog Sled Saga found modest success in May 2013, roguelike Dungeonmans earned over $43,000 in August and MURA Interactive's twin-stick shooter Dubwars received over $34,000 in July. Additionally, Will O'Neill's game about love and depression, Actual Sunlight, was among the group of games added to Steam this week.
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