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Christian Bale is director's top choice to play Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin's upcoming biopic


The JOBS movie starring Ashton Kutcher didn't exactly garner many positive reviews, but a second effort at a Steve Jobs biopic may very well be worth paying attention to.

In mid-2012, Sony Pictures announced that it hired famed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to write a movie screenplay about Steve Jobs. With titles like A Few Good Men and The Social Network to his credit, Sorkin's involvement gave the project a whole lot of buzz.

Now comes word via The Wrap that director David Fincher (who has been in talks to direct the film) would like the caped crusader himself, Christian Bale, to take on the role of Jobs. According to the report, Fincher, who previously directed the thoroughly enjoyable The Social Network, will only join the project if Bale is tapped to play the part of the Apple co-founder.

Sorkin, who won an Oscar for writing Fincher's Facebook drama "The Social Network," based his script on Walter Isaacson's bestselling authorized biography. That book was, in turn, based on more than 40 interviews that author had with Jobs, as well as interviews with friends, family and colleagues.

The film consists of three long scenes regarding Apple's buzzed-about product launches, including the Mac, NeXT (after Jobs had left Apple) and the iPod.

Production could begin before the end of the year, though an early 2015 start is more likely, as both Bale and Fincher will be busy this fall promoting their respective movies, "Exodus" and "Gone Girl."

Sorkin, who perhaps is best known for his work on The West Wing, reportedly finished the script for the movie this past January.

During a November 2012 interview, Sorkin said that the script would consist of just three scenes that all take place backstage prior to important product announcements.

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