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Echo of the Wilds strands you in the middle of nowhere with ghosts

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Goblins, aliens, Nazis, zombies, monsters ... all of these are scary video game enemies, for sure, but none hold a candle to Mother Nature. Well okay, Mother Nature and spooky ghost-deer-people. Such is life in indie PC game Echo of the Wilds, where players explore randomly-generated wilderness brimming with harsh elements and aforementioned spirits.

You'll need to craft tools and survival gear to survive the harsh elements, while also gathering food and seeking shelter. There's a bit more of a narrative focus here than in games like Don't Starve, as your character's ultimate goal is to escape from the wilds and the apparitions that haunt him. Those who want less story and more gameplay have the option of playing in Endless mode, which removes the game's narrative and instead challenges players to survive increasingly difficult odds.

Echo of the Wilds is available now via developer Caiysware's website, and is also up for voting on Steam Greenlight.
[Image: Caiysware]

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