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EverQuest Next Landmark going into closed beta next week [Updated]


SOE announced today that EverQuest Next Landmark will be transitioning out of alpha next week and into closed beta on Wednesday, March 26th. During the transition, all progress on the alpha servers will be wiped except for saved templates, character names, and Founder's Pack purchases.

Landmark also got an important update today, the biggest part of which is the addition of a party system. While there is no specific UI for it yet, players can invite friends to a group through slash commands, via a friends list, or by right-clicking on them in the world. Groups earn a 20% bonus to harvested loot.

The update also added in-game email, social media integration, and the ability to teleport to the continent hub or to your friends.

[Update: The Landmark team has also posted to explain the differences between time-limited beta keys and founder packs.]

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