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    NASA's stunning Visualization Explorer get updated and offers more features

    Mel Martin

    We last looked at NASA's free Visualization Explorer back in 2011, and since then it's been through several versions, culminating in this latest update that makes it native to all iOS devices. It also adds iOS 7 compatibility and a redone GUI.

    The app is designed to give laymen news of advanced space-based research and the visuals are pretty exciting, as users get a look at what our space probes see and transmit back to earth.

    There are topics on things like Mars and Jupiter exploration, and some trips into deep space to explore star formation and the origins of our universe.

    NASA always seems to design beautiful user interfaces and this app is no exception. It takes a moment to figure out how to navigate, but you will be rewarded with stunning videos and animations.

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    The app requires a data connection to use, but any information can be downloaded and then explored offline. It's impossible to use the app and not learn something, and often the insights and visuals will thrill. The app let's you share your discoveries via Facebook, Twitter or email.

    NASA's Visualization Explorer only needs iOS 5.1 or later to run, and it's now fully happy with iOS 7 or 7.1. The app is a 35 MB download, and it is optimized for the iPhone 5. The high resolution graphics are particularly nice on the larger iPad screens. If you are interested in space and our place in the universe, the NASA Visualization Explorer is a must download.

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