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Signal working on next-gen Toy Soldiers, acquires IP from Microsoft


Signal Studios has acquired the rights to its original intellectual property, Toy Soldiers, from Microsoft.

"That was our first game, it was our baby," said Signal Community Manager Becky Taylor. "We are working on a future game in the franchise, we have a large publisher interested who we haven't announced yet," she told Joystiq today at GDC.

Taylor tells us the next game is planned for next-gen systems. She continued, "Since we acquired the rights back, we've put out Toy Soldiers Complete, which includes the original game, Cold War and four DLCs... and it's 10 bucks through 'early access'."

The original tower defense shooter hybrid Toy Soldiers and its sequel, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, have sold a combined total of 2.5 million units.

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