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SMITE brings out Ullr right before official release

Eliot Lefebvre

The official launch of SMITE is just a few days away -- March 25th, to be specific. But there's still time to work in one more deity to the game's overall lineup. The last pre-launch patch has added Ullr, the Glorious One, a hunter capable of working in both melee and ranged combat with equal damage. Using his ultimate ability swaps stances, letting him attack with greater speed from range or steal life with his melee hits.

Swapping between ranged and melee stances also shifts how Ullr's abilities work. Ranged mode allows him to fire a column of damage or use a targeted AoE along with a buff to physical damage. Melee mode, however, swaps abilities to a ranged attack, a leap to a target location, and a movement speed buff. The patch has also updated the physical models of several gods, meaning that when the game goes live next week, it'll be in the best state possible... and with one more god to play.

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