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Ashen Rift: a man, his dog and the apocalypse


Barry Collins is a freelance artist and 14-year veteran of the video game industry who's been singlehandedly working on his passion project, Ashen Rift. During GDC he showed us a demo he put together in five months of the spartan post-apocalyptic survival shooter, which revolves around a man and his dog, Bounder.

"You will seldom find enough ammo for any given situation, this forces the player to rely on Bounder to help you find useful objects and ammo," Collins told us. "You'll find yourself keenly aware of Bounder's state of mind as the whimpers and wines may be indicators of trouble nearby. Don't make too much noise. Don't waste ammo... and leave nothing useful behind."

The game is currently on Kickstarter with a very reasonable $45,000 goal. Collins needs the money to pay for a Unity3D license, get some help with coding and music, with the end goal of the game being a "3 to 5 hour" experience on Mac, PC and Linux. If everything goes well, the game should be available by December 2014.

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