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Take a tour of the History of Nintendo booth at GDC


If you're of a certain age or just an enthusiast of gaming's past, The History of Nintendo booth at this year's GDC is a veritable treasure trove of nostalgia. While other booths will have fancy-dan virtual reality devices of the future, this booth has the true master, the Virtual Boy, waiting to dazzle you with its red-and-black, headache-inducing charms.

As for what's the most valuable thing there... perhaps that NES World Championships cartridge that's one of only 116 in existence? Or maybe it's that sparkly Nintendo 64 display if only because it's pure awesome.

The booth, which was presented by The Video Game Museum and sponsored by GDC, had other classic gaming on display, including several standup arcade cabinets, a Sega Genesis and an Atari 2600 (complete with simulated wood-grain finish).

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