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Nvidia, Respawn implementing GameWorks support for Titanfall

Titanfall just got an update yesterday to squash bugs and balance general gameplay elements, but it didn't do anything to pretty up the game's visuals. A recent Nvidia post explains that visual improvement updates are still coming however, outlining a collaboration with developer Respawn Entertainment to implement GameWorks features for players piloting PCs.

Among the additions will be support for Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TXAA), which boosts image clarity and reduces a flickering effect sometimes seen with games in motion. Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ (HBAO+) is in, which creates shadows based on what a scene's lighting can realistically reach. SLI support is also planned, which allows multiple GPUs to be used at once. An update to include support for 4k displays is coming as well, in case you're dreaming of dropping Titans on opponents in a new-age resolution.

Unfortunately, release windows weren't shared for any of these updates, so you'll likely be playing Titanfall as-is for a while longer. If you're an Xbox One user that's a little jealous after reading this post, know that there's still a chance for the Titanfall's visuals to be improved on the Xbox One, too.
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