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Expand NY happens in November, but you can buy tickets for it RIGHT NOW


If you didn't make it to Expand SF or Expand NY 2013, we won't hold it against you, but the truth is, you missed out. Don't make the same mistake again. The third edition of Expand is happening in New York City this fall, and you can buy your tickets to attend immediately. Twenty bucks gets you a two-day pass to all the festivities, and students get in the door for half that -- of course, we have individual day passes available, too, and you can get the full rundown of your ticketing options right here.

What do your dollars buy you? Only access to some of the coolest people and technologies on the planet. We're talking giant robots, virtual reality demos and even workshops to teach you how to hack together your very own gadgets! Plus, you'll get to hang out with fellow tech-heads and your favorite Engadget editors, too. So, check out the Expands of the past, then go grab your tickets to the future. You'll be glad you did.

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