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Human Element set for Nov. 2015, Ouya prequel canceled


Human Element, the first-personal survival game from Robert Bowling's studio, Robotoki, will launch in November 2015 on PC, Bowling confirmed on Twitter. He added that the Ouya-bound prequel to the game was canceled "early on" as the developer shifted its focus to the CryEngine-based PS4 and Xbox One versions of the open-world game, which don't currently have a release date.

Bowling left Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward in April 2012 to open Robotoki and announced Human Element in June 2012. The Ouya prequel was revealed soon after in July, at which point Bowling donated $10,000 to the microconsole manufacturer. The Human Element prequel was also slated to be the first console exclusive game for Ouya.
[Image: Robotoki]

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