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Joe Danger: Infinity gets daily challenges, over 2 million crashes logged


High-flying iOS motorcycle stunt sim Joe Danger: Infinity offers a new daily challenge mode in its latest update, developer Hello Games told Joystiq today.

Similar to the daily challenge modes featured in games like Spelunky and OlliOlli, Joe Danger: Infinity's once-a-day challenges pit all players against unique multifaceted level layouts every 24 hours. Scores are tracked both cumulatively and for individual levels -- committed players will rack up larger amounts of coins with every session, giving extra incentive to return to the mode on a daily basis.

Hello Games additionally notes that Joe has crashed a total of 2,268,112 times across all Joe Danger: Infinity play sessions, as of earlier today. If you want to know what dying feels like, you should ask Joe -- he's suffered roughly 1,700 deaths every hour since the game's launch in January.

[Image: Hello Games]

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