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OutRun spotted on the grid for Sega's 3D Classics


A passing breeze running through your finely coiffed hair, the magical sound shower of waves splashing against the coast, and your best girl (who's totally not hanging around with you just so she can ride in your Ferrari) in the passenger seat. That's what fans of classic racer OutRun can look forward to in 3D, after the game's logo appeared alongside Sega's line of existing 3DS games on the 3D Classics website.

Going by the announcement on 4Gamer there's no word on a release date or price for Japan, or whether or not it and the recently announced Fantasy Zone are coming to the West. Sega did ferry over eight 3D classics last year, including Space Harrier, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Hang-On.
[Image: 4Gamer]

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