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Stiq Figures, March 10 - 16: StreetPassing is great edition

Welcome to Stiq Figures, where the sales data is after the break and the posts don't matter.

I'm not used to finding people to StreetPass with. I never managed to do it during my last two years on a campus of 10,000 students, and it's the same story in my current home in the suburban outskirts. It's for city residents or people who frequent public places, I get that - I'm just jealous of those that have the StreetPass count to finish a round of Find Mii.

Though meeting some of the Joystiq team and working through video edits ranked much higher, StreetPass was one of the reasons I was excited to attend GDC this week. Even the handful of Miis I gathered traveling through airports was exciting to me, and I looked forward to the avalanche of Puzzle Swap pieces I was bound to collect.

Of course, in order to StreetPass, you need to remember to bring your 3DS with you from the hotel. You also need to have time to clear out your Mii Plaza line, which is a mythical concept during GDC. Additionally, it helps if you don't leave your 3DS under a table in the press room for four hours, especially when the realization of which terrifies you enough to leave it in your suitcase for the rest of the trip.

I did get about a dozen StreetPasses when I was functioning like a proper adult though, so all-in-all I'd count the venture as a modest success. I haven't earned my Yoshi hat yet, but there's always the next time I travel ... anyway, have you been able to recruit a Find Mii army where you live? Have you found a more abundant Mii population elsewhere? Is one of the games that rabbit peddles worth an investment, or is my suspicion of him justified? Tell me all about your StreetPassing experiences in the comments, right after you check this week's Japanese hardware sales after the break!
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PS4: 29,677 [DOWN] 5,617
Vita: 28,270 [DOWN] 3,055
3DS LL: 23,372 [DOWN] 820
PS3: 14,128 [UP] 2,026
3DS: 10,772 [DOWN] 104
Wii U: 7,654 [DOWN] 119
PSP: 3,461 [UP] 36
Vita TV: 1,447 [DOWN] 515
Xbox 360: 278 [DOWN] 22

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