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PS Vita gets more apps on its home screen and a memory card manager


With the amount of rad digitally distributed games in the PlayStation Vita's library, your system's home screen could be getting a little crowded. Well, after downloading the handheld's latest firmware update, you'll have a lot more room for all of those high-res bubbles. Another 400 of them to be exact, as software version 3.10 allows a total of 500 apps and games on the touch-based UI. What's more, Joystiq noticed the patch adds a memory card management feature that separates saved data based on what type of content created it. Bizarrely enough, the portable PlayStation didn't have an auto setting for daylight savings time before this either. Sony has also included a calendar app that syncs with your Google account, as well as a voice messaging system for sending quick soundbites to your Vita or PS4 owning-pals. Just try keep 'em PG-rated, okay?

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