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Albion Online's alpha begins today, updates highlighted in video

MJ Guthrie

Are you interested in diving into Albion Online's closed alpha that launched today? If so, zip on over to the official site; the cross-platform sandbox offered a limited number of keys for this test run, and you can still sign up for a chance at a testing spot even if you missed out on the giveaway.

Testers will see new updates that include customizable player housing which can affect player stats, new guild functionality including customizable coats of arms and searching for guild tools, a local marketplace for trade, and an in-game mail system. Players can also choose from more male avatars as well as the new female avatars. Get a glimpse of house building as well as the other updates in the video below.

[Source: Sandbox Interactive press release]


Sandbox Interactive Now Allowing A Limited Number of Players In To Experience The First True Cross-Platform Sandbox MMO

Berlin, March 25, 2014- Sandbox Interactive today announced it has launched a closed alpha test for its highly-anticipated cross-platform sandbox MMORPG, Albion Online. Players will need to act fast as there will be a limited number of keys available at

The exclusive alpha test comes complete with the all-new video which gives players all the juicy details on what they can expect in the alpha test:

The alpha test is expected to last approximately two weeks.

Albion Online is a free-to-play medieval sandbox MMO set in a cross-platform world where players will conquer, colonize and defend territories all in a classless character customization system tailored for dynamic full loot PvP battles where every encounter is different.

The first true cross-platform MMO, Albion Online, will run on different devices including Windows, iOS and Android at the same time and in the same world. The game will go into beta in 2014 and players can get all the latest updates by following the game on Facebook at and Twitter: @albiononline, or on Google+ on YouTube at

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