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Gmail experiment shows promotional messages as image-heavy cards


The promotions tab in Gmail is basically a glorified spam filter. Sure, it's not really spam, but you probably don't bother to read many emails in there. At best you give it a cursory glance to make sure Caskers wasn't offering "the bourbon that beat Pappy" again. But, more often than not, you probably just select all and delete without a second thought. Well, Google thinks that it might have a better chance at enticing you to click through on those deals if they were more visually appealing. Mountain View is trialing a feature that shows you promotional emails as cards with large images at the top and details of the deal on offer below. It's not unlike Pinterest (it even introduces infinite scrolling to your inbox), except when you click through on these boxes you'll be offered $10 off on a pair of Top-Siders. If you'd like to partake in Google's little experiment you can click on this link. Yes, this one right here.

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