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HackingUI presents some intriguing ideas to improve iOS notifications


Notifications in iOS have undeniably come a long ways from the days when they only took the form of intrusive blue modal alerts.

Nonetheless, there's always room for improvement as highlighted in a great post from Hacking UI which provides a bevy of design alternatives to Apple's current implementation for iOS notifications.

HackingUI draws attention to the fact that iOS notifications can sometimes appear at inopportune times, sometimes resulting in scenarios where one accidentally taps on a notification alert instead of an actionable item like Save.

This can naturally lead to user frustration, so the website proceeds to detail a number of interesting improvements to iOS notifications, including positioning the notification banner slightly below the top bar as not to overlap with actionable items.

But what I found to be the most intriguing idea was a tweak to Apple's tried and true notification alerts.

The above implementation provides a convenient way for users to reply back to a text message, for example, without leaving their current app.

Overall, the HackingUI post has a number of other notification suggestions that are well worth checking out. While not every idea may be completely practical, there are certainly some winners Apple would be well advised to take a look at.

Meanwhile, Twitter user Alex Vanderzon put up another example of how iOS notifications might be implemented in a less obtrusive manner.

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