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Xbox One griefers may have Twitch privileges, dessert taken away


When Microsoft revealed its reputation system for Xbox One in July, it sought to match the worst members of the gaming community with one another based on a long-term gauge of their behavior in online games. Now, the console manufacturer will begin issuing warnings for those that fall into the "Needs Work" category of players following feedback from other members of the community. In an Xbox Wire blog, Microsoft said, "these warnings are based on community feedback collected since Xbox One launched," so bad reports from others shouldn't take effect from just a few weeks of play.

While Microsoft plans to "introduce rewards for good behavior," the more noteworthy course of action applies to the bottom-tier of the community. Those that fall into the "Avoid Me" category will see penalties on their account, such as "reduced matchmaking pairings" and restrictions on other Xbox Live functions, such as the ability to use "certain privileges such as Twitch broadcasting." Microsoft clarified in September that Xbox 360 reputation scores don't carry over to Xbox One.
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