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Animal Crossing creator open to the idea of AC-themed mobile apps

With many companies pursuing mobile counterparts for established series, even monstrously-long JRPGs like Final Fantasy 6, we asked Animal Crossing series creator Katsuya Eguchi, through a translator, if there was any hesitation to do the same for Animal Crossing. After all, the relaxed nature of checking in with villagers and tending a town feels well-suited for a mobile device, especially in comparison to braving a 15-minute JRPG boss battle.

Eguchi reaffirmed the series' home on Nintendo hardware, pointing out that while some may enjoy Animal Crossing in short spurts, there are many that spend the time to meticulously organize their towns, down to the location of each and every flower. He also feels that the 3DS' inputs lend themselves to that style of gameplay better than the existing options on smartphones.

With that said, Eguchi did express interest in leveraging mobile devices in a way that could bring fans back to their primary Animal Crossing experience. He offered examples of hypothetical apps that would let you create clothing designs on the go, or serve as reminders of appointments made to hang out with the villagers in their town. Eguchi seems open to the idea of working with mobile devices, provided it's something that would inspire players to return to the central Animal Crossing experience more often.

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