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Half-Minute Hero 2's Western release is rapidly approaching reality


A Western release of Half-Minute Hero 2 on Steam is all but confirmed after Marvelous AQL upped its recent teasing with an English gameplay video and a blurred out release date. Released in Japan as Hero 30 Second back in 2011, Half-Minute Hero 2 always looked likely for a Western version after it appeared in a Steam database link earlier this year.

Going by the trailer, game modes include a Story Mode, an Infinite Battle mode where you keep taking on Evil Lords, and a Time Attack mode, all centered around completing quests before the 30-second timer runs out. There's also a Map Editor in which you can create quests and maps, but the trailer focuses on online multiplayer, showing off a battle mode between two players - Japan's original PSP version supports four-player speedy RPG action.
[Image: Marvelous AQL]

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