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These laser goggles let you live out your X-Men dreams


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Many X-Men fans want to be Wolverine, but the cool kids know that Cyclops is the real star. How can you beat lasers for eyes? Patrick Priebe is most certainly aware, as he built a real-world set of laser-blasting goggles to emulate Cyclops' optic blasts. While the wearable isn't powerful enough to take down the likes of Magneto, it lets the fortunate user burn cloth and pop balloons just by winking an eye. Unfortunately, you probably won't get to try the goggles unless you hang out with Patrick. He's not making additional pairs or offering blueprints, in part because the design is inherently dangerous -- it would put high-powered lasers just a short distance from your head, after all. Still, the eyepiece could well be the closest that we get to Scott Summers' superhero powers without a genetic mutation.

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