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Rumor Roundup: 'Multiple sources saying pretty much the same thing'


Apple to Move Production of iPhone Batteries to Automated Lines (MacRumors)

"[...] according to a report from DigiTimes." BZZZZT! Next!

New leak may finally reveal Apple's iPhone 6 design (BGR)

From the article: "A user on 9to5Mac's discussion forums points us to images of a purported case mold for Apple's next-generation iPhone. The images were posted on a Japanese case maker's blog, and while there is obviously no way to authenticate the case mold pictured, it does at least align with a number of early rumors."

Other than DigiTimes, I'm having a hard time thinking of a less reliable source than this. What is with this sudden rush of "some guy on a forum said some BS, so let's take it as fact" rumor posts? Are these guys so deprived of genuine news sources that they're honestly getting this desperate? (That was a rhetorical question, because of course they are.)

Apple is working on two versions of the iPhone 6... but only one might launch this fall (BGR)

Speaking of utterly worthless sources, some know-nothing analyst threw out some completely evidence-free speculation about the next-gen iPhone, and BGR dutifully reblogged it without a hint of incredulity.

Dear rumor blogs (because BGR wasn't the only one guilty of spreading this digital manure): your punishment is to write "Analysts have no clue what they're talking about when they talk about Apple" 1000 times on the chalkboard. Then have it tattooed on the foreheads of all of your editors.

When is Apple going to release a Retina MacBook Air? More signs point to 'soon' (9to5 Mac)

From the article: "Following a forum post from a Chinese website, Digitimes is reporting that Apple will indeed ship a brand new MacBook Air with Retina display in the second half of this year."

Well, there you have it. The most news-free sentence ever written about Apple.

"The Digitimes article offers no specifics on what the new MacBook Air will feature, aside from the Retina display." A Digitimes article that fails to mention any specifics? I am shocked, SHOCKED that such a thing could ever happen.

"9to5Mac previously covered a KGI report from October that predicted similar specifications - KGI said a 12-inch Retina MacBook Air was in the works. Like Digitimes, KGI stated a mid-to-late 2014 release window."

Yes, and as we all know, KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has never, ever been wrong when he's written about Apple. Where "never, ever" means "more than half the time."

"With multiple sources saying pretty much the same thing, all the signs indicate that a new Retina display Air is coming in the pipeline."

Really? These are your sources:

  • An analyst whose accuracy record is no better than random chance
  • An Asian tech publication who published exactly one correct prediction in all of 2013
  • Some random forum post on a Chinese website

Something tells me the Pulitzer Committee is not going to be emailing you any time soon.

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