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Watch Satya Nadella's first major appearance as Microsoft CEO live


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Rumor has it, Microsoft is getting ready to take the wraps off of Office for iPad. Despite that move potentially signaling a shift away from a Windows-first software strategy, the iOS app won't be the only star of the show. It's going to have to share the limelight with yet another, largely untested asset: CEO Satya Nadella. Given his track record at the company and recent statements, we expect to hear plenty about mobile, the cloud and Microsoft as a devices and services company.

Chances are, he won't come out sweating and screaming like his predecessor, but if you're curious to see how Nadella stacks up or, you know, have a thing for Redmond's productivity suite, you can watch it all play out here or at the source link below. And get ready for even more of Nadella and the Microsoft crew when they hit the mean streets of San Francisco for the Build developer conference next week.

Watch Satya Nadella Live @ 1PM ET

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