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Twitter and Billboard team up for real-time tune-tracking charts


Billboard has long been the go-to for charting an artist's or song's popularity week to week. Now, the outfit has announced "an exclusive, multi-year partnership" with Twitter to create real-time charts monitoring tweets about music in the US. Billboard Twitter Real-Time Charts (catchy name, eh?) look to be the standard for tracking tune-based conversations as they happen. While the tallies will be housed at, the two have also agreed to a Twitter Amplify partnership that includes in-tweet charts and weekly video roundups -- just in case you happen to miss anything. "Our goal with these efforts is to give artists who share songs and engage with their audience on Twitter a way to get noticed by even more fans, other musicians and industry decision-makers in real time," said Twitter's head of music Bob Moczydlowsky. No word yet on an exact launch date, but Billboard says charts should go live "in the coming weeks."

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