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WoW Moviewatch: The Crime


It's always a pleasure to see a new face in the machinima crowd. And while this isn't Naroze's only video, it's one of the first to be submitted to our tip line. The Crime is pretty good. You need the author's explanation to follow the story, but that's plenty common with videos of this kind. This is how the creator describes the story:
This is about Two twin sister, that have to fight for their friends, they're in danger, cause of a big drama between them and a big angry Orc Female.....their friend getting taken by them, tourtured to death, sadly the're too late...and when they finally entering the City, you'll see what the big drama made their history from now on, a kind Sin'Dorei female named Sethera made her way in helped to fight against it, follow the video watch the story, and you'll see how it will go!
The biggest tip I can share with Naroze right now is to be super sure to avoid typos in subtitles; even a minor mistake can damage the impression of the video. That being said, I don't think Naroze is a native English speaker, so to each their own.
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