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Can we just stop with the lame iPhone and OS X concepts already?


There's a bad tendency for websites to label any and all Apple related concepts as "epic" or "unbelievably cool." And sure, concepts for future devices can be damn interesting, but things lately have really gotten out of hand.

Recently, there seems to be an abundance of unimaginative iPhone and OS X concepts that offer nothing compelling. For instance, I recently stumbled across these iPhone 6 concepts inspired by the design of the iPod Nano.

Does anyone really think the concept device on the left is anything to write home about?

Aren't iPhone concepts supposed to be intriguing? This is just flat-out ugly.

Equally uninspiring are the slew of concepts showcasing OS X with an iOS 7 style design.

Is this really a step forward in design?

finder os x ios 7 design

And here's what a redesign of OS X's Mail app would look like, inspired of course by iOS 7. To me, this looks entirely too much like Windows. Going for a universal "flat" aesthetic is a direction I certainly hope Apple avoids or, at the very least, applies judiciously.

ios 7 concept for os x mail

An iOS 7 inspired Finder is no better. It's drowning in grey!

finder ios 7

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