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FTL iPad, Advanced Edition engage warps next week


FTL: Faster Than Light is coming to iPad on April 3, and it includes the Advanced Edition expansion headed to PC for free on the same day. The space-based strategy game is priced $10 on all platforms, and is compatible with iPads version 2 and up - sorry, iPhones.

The Advanced Edition is plenty packed for a freebie, adding new ship layouts, weapons, drones, augmentations, and systems to explore and lose your beloved crew in. On top of that it has new events penned by FTL writer Tom Jubert and Obsidian's Chris Avellone.

"FTL works really well with the general way you play on iPad," co-founder of dev Subset Games Justin Ma told us at GDC, "just because you can pause it at any moment, come back later, and all the little events are bite-sized moments."
[Image: Subset Games]

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