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Listing for 'The Last Of Us Complete Edition' pops up on XtraLife

A listing for "The Last Of Us: Complete Edition" for the PS4 has appeared on Spanish retailer XtraLife with a launch date of June 19. The page was spotted by Twitter user "JuanraUP" and includes a The Last of Us-branded satchel, presumably for carrying no more than three of any one item. The bundle is available for reservation at €64.95, just under $90 USD.

The listing follows comments from Sony Eurasia Software Marketing Manager Sercan Sulun about plans for The Last of Us to reach the PS4 this summer, with its Left Behind DLC bundled in the purchase. While XtraLife's listed release date of June 19 isn't an official confirmation, it would line up with the summer window mentioned by Sulun.

Following Sulun's comments, Sony stated that "at no time have we announced that The Last of Us is coming to PS4." It would be odd for XtraLife to mock up a bundle and take reservations for a non-existent product, even one as critically acclaimed as last year's hit from Naughty Dog. Still, without an official confirmation from Sony, it might be best to proceed with guarded expectations for now.
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