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Shazam's latest update increases speed and battery life while improving sharing options


For music lovers on the go, Shazam is an invaluable discovery tool. With the simple press of a button, the app tells you the name and artist of any song currently playing around you. Today Shazam released a new update that throws a fresh coat of paint on the app, along with adding a few nifty new features.

The most important updates for the majority of users are the app's technical tuneups. Audio recognition rates have been improved for more accurate results and battery life has been improved. If you have the app running under Auto mode, battery consumption has been reduced to less than 5 percent an hour. In addition you'll have the following new tweaks:

  • The app's sharing options have been enhanced to include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp and Pinterest
  • Lyrics now start streaming on the track page so that you can immediately begin reading them along with the song.
  • Official videos are now shown on the track page so fans can instantly watch their favorite acts.
  • The album and track review pages have been redesigned
  • Finally the newly updated biography and discography pages aim to make it easier for listeners to discover more about the acts they've found.

Shazam started rolling out its current upgrade in February, and since then has seen remarkable increases in interaction with videos, views of lyrics, and shared discovery. This redesign is hitting iOS devices first, with Android users getting an update sometime in the next few weeks. You can find the updated Shazam in the iTunes Store.

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