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Minecraft user creates giant tortoise with steampunk city on its back

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Atropos is the name of the eldest of the Three Fates in Greek mythology; the sister who used shears to cut the thread of a mortal's life. It is also the name of Minecraft user CARLOOOO's giant clockwork tortoise that has a steampunk city sprouting out of its back.

We're not a fashion or celebrity gossip website so we won't get into a "who wore it better" argument over the name, but if we were to do such a thing, we think you know who we'd pick. (Hint: It's the giant clockwork tortoise with a steampunk city on its back.) Just sayin'.

The whole project took five months to complete, and went through several designs - including a whale version - before settling on the one you can now download. If you want to take a tour before committing to such a large investment of real estate, check out the video above.

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