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Tiny Brains becomes $10 cross-buy for PS3 and PS4 with free update

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Tiny Brains launched on the PS4 in December last year, and since then it's gotten a bit bigger on the inside: a free update to the game has added new time-based and puzzle challenges, a new superpower, online functionality for the demo which allows players to join up with those who own a full copy of the game, and more.

Arguably, the biggest update of all is that the game is now a cross-buy purchase for PS3 and PS4, so you'll get two copies for the price of one. Or rather, two for half the price of one; the game's initial price of $20 has been cut down to $10 across all platforms, which means that the game is now both tinier and larger. Whoa. We ... we may need to sit down.
[Image: 505 Games]

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