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Warhammer 40k: Storm of Vengeance launches on April 3, DLC detailed

After spending a month in the lanes of Early Access, Warhammer 40k: Storm of Vengeance is lining up on iOS and PC users' Steam for an April 3 launch. Details for initial DLC packs have also been shared, outlining three additional unit types for developer Eutechnyx's lane defender.

The Ork Stormboy will supply aerial support, made possible by the "rokkit" strapped to its back. The Deathwing Terminator and the Dark Angel Dreadnought will also be available, the latter of which will contribute a "serious extra punch to the Dark Angels arsenal," according to a press release. Ork Clan Skins are also coming, expanding the Oak Warboss' selection of clans to include the Bad Moons and Death Skulls.

Each unit will be available at launch for both the iOS and PC versions, but prices have not been offered.
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Launch date for iOS and Steam platforms confirmed for April 3

Wednesday, March 26 - To support the launch of their new title Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance, Eutechnyx today announced a range of DLC packs for both Steam and mobile devices.

Available from launch, fans of the Warhammer franchise will be able to purchase new units including the Ork Stormboy, The Dark Angel and The Deathwing Terminator unit.

The Ork Stormboy allows the Ork player to take to the skies with a rokkit strapped to their back as they sweep into action against their foes.

The Dark Angel Dreadnought brings the awesome might of their mechanized fury to bear against their enemies, adding a serious extra punch to the Dark Angels arsenal.

The Deathwing Terminator unit enables the player to bring the elite of the Dark Angel chapter teleporting to the battlefield to deliver the Emperor's justice.

In addition to the exciting new units entering battle, new Ork Clan Skins are arriving, allowing the discerning Ork Warboss to lead either the Bad Moons or Death Skulls clans in addition to the Goff clan available with the release game.

Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance is set for release on iOS and Steam on April 3, 2014.

Warhammer 40,000: Storm of Vengeance is a lane strategy title with enabled cross platform multiplayer over mobile, tablet and PC.

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