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PS Plus Weekly: Mercenary Kings, Batman: Arkham City free to download


This week's PlayStation Plus lineup has something in store for both longtime PlayStation 3 fans and PS4 die-hards, offering up Batman: Arkham City and the debuting console version of Mercenary Kings free of charge.

Mercenary Kings, developed by Wizorb creator Tribute Games, melds the run-and-gun gameplay of the arcade classic Metal Slug with an online cooperative multiplayer mode and an in-depth item-crafting component. Tomorrow's PlayStation 4 release marks the first time Mercenary Kings is available on a console platform, following up on its Steam Early Access debut last year.

Batman: Arkham City, originally released in 2011, finds the Dark Knight trapped in a walled-off section of Gotham City filled with classic villains and other miscreants. The downloadable PlayStation Plus version of Arkham City includes the Catwoman Bundle Pack, which adds a series of exclusive story missions and in-game collectibles.

Both games will be available for PlayStation Plus members in North America starting tomorrow. Other PS Plus games premiering in April include Castle of Illusion, Stealth Inc, and Velocity Ultra.

[Image: Tribute Games]

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